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Animal Repeller With Strobe

Lentek YC12 Yard Control Electronic Yard Fence

Protect your yard from unwanted animal intruders! This system uses ultrasonic and audible sounds combined with a startling, pulsating strobe light to deter animals from entering the coverage area. Yard Contro+'s motion sensor is triggered by most animals, including deer, raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats, and rabbits.Get rid of Cats, Dogs, Deer, Bear, Squirrels, Skunks, Mice, Raccoons, Rabbits, Bats, Bees, and many others.

  • Weatherproof Design & Easy Operation
  • Activated by Motion Within a 360°, 30 ft. Radius
  • Operates on four “D” batteries (not included)
  • Advanced, High-power 120 db Sound Output Maximum
  • Effective Temporary Relief from Pests, (Mice & Rats)
  • Xenon Strobe Light Disrupts Night Vision of Nocturnal Pests
  • Bracket for Wall, Tree, or Post Mounting (hardware provided)
  • Built-in test mode button

Animal Repeller - Regular $72.95

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Product Description:

The Yard Control is an unobtrusive sound generator that keeps stray and unwanted dogs, cats, deer,  and other wild animals, and even humans out of your yard and gardens. The unit is equipped with a 360 - degree motion detection sensory system that senses motion from all directions up to a 15-foot radius. It creates an invisible radar zone of approximately 700 sq. feet. When the unit detects an intrusion, it responds by emitting a high frequency 120-decibel sound blast to deter the trespasser.  Ultrasonic blasts in the upper end of the frequency range are intolerable to the above-mentioned animals. When used as directed, the unit can effectively keep stray animals away.

How The Radar System Works:

Lentek’s Radar Sensor System uses the latest in motion sensing technology. After the unit is turned on, please allow 15-20 seconds for the system to activate. Once set, the radar motion detector will check for motion up to 15’ in all directions every 5-10 seconds, sending out a preset ultrasonic sound pattern and activating the high-intensity xenon-effect strobe if movement is detected. Activation period may vary depending on factory settings.  There is a control cover located on the top of the unit. It can be removed by giving it 1/8th of a turn clockwise, then lifting the cover off.


Sensitivity Switch

  • Slide to HI for maximum coverage area (up to 15 feet from unit)
  • Slide to LOW for smaller coverage area
  • Adjust in-between for desired coverage area.

Frequency Adjustment

Slide this control to set the ultrasonic frequency in the range most effective to repel your particular problem animal. The frequency range can be set from low (8kHz) to high (50kHz), providing an effective ultrasonic deterrent for most animals. Generally, larger animals (such as deer) are repelled by lower frequencies, and smaller animals (such as rodents) are repelled by higher frequencies. Experiment and fine-tune the unit to determine which frequency works best in your target environment. The xenon effect strobe will activate at any frequency.

Animal Repeller - Regular $72.95

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