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Attack Wave - Pest Repeller

Attack Wave Pest Repeller -P7816 P3 Pestrepeller

The Attack Wave Pestrepeller is an effective, user friendly and environmentally safe way to combat rodents.  The device produces strong sound pressure in the air, attacking the audiotory and nervous systems of rodents causing them to abandon their food sources and shelters.

The ultrasonic sounds continuously penetrate up to 5,000 unobstructed square feet.

In addition, the Attack Wave Pestrepeller utilizes automatic wave variation, minimizing the chance the pests become immune to the sound.  Inaudible and harmless to humans and common pets, this unit operates totally chemical and battery free, making it the easiest way to keep bugs on the run.

Please Note: Do not use in the presence of Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and other rodent pets.

  • Inaudible To Humans
  • Effective Up to 5,000 Square Feet
  • Maintenance Free - No Batteries Required
  • Will Not Affect Most Pets
  • Environmentally Friendly - Poison Free

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