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Cat Stop

Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard or Garden, with the new CAT STOP ultrasonic motion sensor.

It's easy to use. Place the unit facing the area you want to protect. The built in motion sensor detects the animal entering the area and emits a piercing, high decibel alarm. It startles the cat and frightens it away. Since the sound is ultrasonic you and your neighbors cannot hear it. It operates for up to nine months on one standard 9 volt battery.  Battery life estimate is based upon 4900 activations spread over 245 days at an average of 20 per day. From Contech.

The Cat Stop protects about 330 square feet (20 feet or 6m in front of the unit in an 80 degree arc). There are no controls or adjustments. Just install the battery and position in your garden.

The Cat Stop Electronic Cat Deterent

Why It Works

The Cat Stop is an effective cat deterrent because:

A powerful burst of ultrasonic sound startles the cat.
The cat equates the location with the unpleasant occurrence.
The cat avoids the location in the future.
Unlike many pest deterrents that operate continuously, the Cat Stop unit waits for the animal to come into its range before activating, thereby creating a more startling effect.


Kepps Cats out of your garden areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Cat Stop work?
A: The Cat Stop has a built in motion sensor that detects any animal that comes into its range of view. When activated it emits an extremely loud, but high pitched, noise that only cats can hear. This loud noise effectively startles them away. (Output: 124 db at one foot, frequency is 21-25 khz)

Q: What size area does it cover?
A: Approx 330 sq feet. Measured 20 feet from unit at a pitch of 12 degrees and 80 degrees across.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Under average use, a good quality alkaline batter should last approximate 8 to 9 months.

Q: Is it easy to assemble?
A: Yes! Cat Stop assembly requires absolutely no tools. Simply snap the stake onto the main unit. (two stakes are included so you can use it at varying heights. If you choose, you can also easily mount your unit on a wall, fence or post).

Q: Is it weather proof?
A:Yes! The Cat Stop is weather proof and can be left outdoors in all conditions. Please note that battery life may be diminished under colder temperatures.

Q: Does the Cat Stop work on other animals?
A: The Cat Stop has been specifically designed to the hearing range of cats. It has not been designed to deter other animals such as raccoons, deer, birds, rats, etc. However the Scarecrow works on a variety of animals.

Works in all outdoor areas.Product Features

  • Ultra sound based concept Safely and effectively repels animals without chemicals, visually objectionable barriers or shock.
  • Detection Range 80 degrees across a 20 ft distance in front of the device.
  • Passive Ultrasonic detector Operates unattended and activates when movement is detected.
  • Operates 24/7 Cat Stop protects day and night for up to 6 months (or 4900+ activations) on one 9 volt battery.
  • Keeps cats out of your yard or garden.
  • Becomes a temporary sound 'barrier' Can be used in neighborhoods where fences are not allowed.
  • Simple Installation Easy to extend coverage with additional units.

Cat Stop  $49.95 each.

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Cat Stop Testimonials:

"CAT WARS! One man's frontline battle report by Wayne Schmidt.
In the article he reports on cat repellents tested to keep cats out of a yard including both Scarecrows and Cat Stops. "I set up three of the ultrasonic repellers on one side of my yard and two of the water jet repellers on the other to see which is more effective at keeping cats out of my yard. After a week of use both have been 100 percent effective... I am happy to announce that the CAT WARS are officially over and I was victorious.
Wayne Schmidt

"Hello- I contacted your firm directly to ask a number of questions about your products. I have been suffering with several neighborhood cats that like to jump on my brand-new car. You answered my questions carefully and thoroughly. Checking on the local laws, cats can roam free, and it's a serious crime to harm them, even superficially. That eliminated my friends' advice for even relatively harmless things like peashooters. So, short of building a garage (I rent, so that's not an option), I thought that my only choice was to set up a motion detector and scare the cats away whenever they showed up. And it was almost always at night. So for weeks I had been awakened several times every night when the motion detector alarmed in my bedroom. I had to jump out of bed, run to the carport and bang on a pot to scare the animals. It was awful. I did a search and from there I found the ScareCrow as well. I set up the ScareCrow in the yard in front of the hood of the car. The cats generally come from that direction. I also set up a Cat Stop near the front of the car and another near the rear. After experimenting with the array for the best coverage, I finally set things up correctly last Sunday morning. And for the first time in weeks, the motion detector has not awakened me. My car has no muddy footprints to wash repeatedly, and I have eliminated the risk of sandy cat feet scratching my new auto's paint job. While it's only the first five nights since I set things up, I am greatly encouraged. Thanks for making such wonderful and humane products. They work as advertised, and so far, 100% of the time. But if they don't, I guess the last line of defense will be the ScatMat-one for the hood and another for the trunk. Good to know I can still call on you again if needed."
Chersterfield, VA