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CatScram w/Adaptor

The CatScram Cat repeller a passive infrared motion detector with an ultrasonic speaker that emits a tone inaudible to humans. Cat Scram is the humane way to detour cats, keep them off of kitchen counters, tables and flowerbeds.
CatScram - Cat Scram

Buy the CatScram Cat Repeller. Safe for cats, inaudible to humans. Keep cats off furniture and kitchen counters.


Safe for cats, inaudible to humans. Keep cats off furniture and kitchen counters.

  • Passive infrared motion detector with an ultrasonic speaker - inaudible to humans
  • Protects property: Keeps cats off countertops, table tops, furniture, and drapes and out of specific areas or rooms
  • Protects pets: Keeps cats off balconies and away from poisonous plants, hot stovetops and dangerous machinery
  • Allows use of a pet door for your dog while keeping your cat inside
  • Portable, uses a 9-volt alkaline battery or is adaptable to 9-volt adapter operation (Included)
  • Uses minimal power and indicates when the battery is low
  • Shows when motion is detected via blinking LED
  • Guards a 6-foot range on the floor or flat surfaces and up to a 15-foot range or more when elevated or tilted

CatScram makes countertops, plants, furniture, balconies and entire rooms off-limits to cats - even when no one is home or you are sound asleep. it utilizes a passive infrared motion detector to sense when a cat nears a protected area. The unit then emits a series of strong pulsating ultrasonic waves for 4 seconds to repel the cat, training it to stay away. The ultrasonic waves are heard by cats and inaudible by humans.

They find the sound so uncomfortable that areas guarded by CatScram are soon avoided altogether. Cat Scram protects property and it protects pets by keeping them away from dangerous areas such as poisonous plants, machinery and stovetops.


Cat Scram Operation

CatScram uses a 9-volt, alkaline battery (not included) or AC/DC adapter (included).

See the related item below if you would like to order the Battery Operated CatScram w/ No Adaptor.

Cat Scram No Adaptor
CatScram / No Adaptor

Cat Scram LED Indicators

Warm-Up Indicator: When switched on, CatScram warms up for 40 seconds. Diring this time, the LED flashes once per 1.4 pseconds for the first 32 seconds and increses to 4 flashes per 1.4 seconds during the last 8 seconds.

Triggering Indicator: After it is warmed up, CatScram goes to work. The unit emits a series of pulsating ultrasonic waves for 4 seconds each time movement is detected and the LED flashes 4 time simultaneously.

Low Battery Indicator: During the 40-second, warm-up period, if "Low Battery" occurs, the battery voltage is 7 volts or less. The LED will continue 8 flashes and the unit will shut down. Replace the battery immediately.
Because Cats Have A Mind Of Their Own!

We love our feline friends dearly, yet they can often be a worrisome annoyance. As we soon learn, our lounging, sleepy, cat-napping friends are nocturnal. When we are trying to sleep, they decide it is their time to explore. This seems to be their time to play with their toys, get on the kitchen counter, dig in our house plants (or eat them) and in general be a royal pain.

If we are sound sleepers, we often find the evidence in the morning. Attempts have been made in the past to control this activity by devices that frighten or shock our restless friends. A detection device with a loud siren as an alarm may be fine for outside use or in the daytime, but I personally do not want a smoke alarm sounding siren waking me at 3 am telling me that my cat is on the kitchen counter or digging in the plant.

CatScram Specifications

Standby Current Drain: 60 micro-amp typical

Ultrasonic Output: 118 DB typical

PIR Protection Coverage: 6 feet on floor or flat surfaces, up to 15 feet or more if elevated or tilted


Cat Scram With AC Adapter - $54.95

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Order Mole Chasers and Animal Control Devices and save. 2 Molechasers and 1 Cat Scram would qualify for the 12% discount.

If you need to keep cats out of your yard or garden please see the Cat Stop.

Cat Stop will keep cats out of your yard or garden.